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VMK ENGINEERING is an independent consultant, providing project management, design, and engineering support for the development/upgrade of mobile hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, hydrostatic, engine and air conditioning systems in a wide range of applications.



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 NewFlyerbus8   Brandt feller buncher9


Brandt power unit10  Merger11 


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Today, more and more product manufacturers rely on support from component suppliers for system design and verification.  Working with an independent consultant, who is not affiliated with or representing a component manufacturer, ensures a system will be developed that meets the customer’s performance, reliability, timing and cost objectives, utilizing components and suppliers that best meet the requirements for each project.



Vlad Kowalyk P. Eng. (Linkedin profile), owner of VMK Engineering combines;

Ø      41 years experience in vehicle systems development/maintenance (see Resume)


Ø      innovative design solutions (inventor on numerous patents)


Ø      and an excellent working relationship with all major component manufacturers,


to provide expertise and services, typically available only to larger O.E.M.’s and product manufacturers, in the areas of:


Ø      Engineering Standards


·        Specification/development of Engineering Standards aimed at assisting customers to consistently design/produce reliable quality products.



Ø      Troubleshooting/Failure Analysis


·        Root cause determination of component/system failures and concern resolution.



Ø      New system development


·        System design/development based on customer’s requirements

·        Review and analysis of:

·        In house designed systems

·        system proposals provided by component suppliers



Ø      Existing system maintenance and upgrade:


·        Performance and reliability improvements

·        Noise reductions

·        Cost reductions

·        Modifications to meet updated specifications/legislations



Ø      Fire Resistant and/or Bio-degradable Fluid Applications Systems Design/Upgrade




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